Raas All-Stars (RAS) began in 2009 as a humble vision to support vital philanthropic causes to the South Asian community, as well as celebrate the Raas- Garba tradition, a folk dance originating from Western India. In its thirteen years, RAS has quickly become one of the largest collegiate dance organizations, creating an expansive alumni network of 15,000+ of the nation’s most elite Raas-Garba dancers and competition board members across the country. Pursuing a greater philanthropic mission, RAS also uses its platform to donate to organizations dedicated to preserving South Asian traditions.

Amidst the global pandemic, RAS has dedicated this year to highlight and educate the greater community on specific social justice issues, such as mental health stigma and sexual misconduct. Through hosting virtual town halls for over 50 cities across the country and providing resources, RAS hopes to increase awareness across the national dance circuit.

Next year, Raas All-Stars XIV will be held in April 2022. In the past, we have had tremendous success reaching our target audience of students, professionals and community members, and we plan to uphold that tradition and deliver yet another amazing competition.