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Raas All-Stars partnered with charities that are committed to providing people with the help they need, whether it be through providing access to necessities, providing a platform for people to express their passions, or providing a safe space for people to feel like they are not alone. We are incredibly impressed by the work our partners do and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with them. 


Ekal Vidyalaya is an official philanthropic partner of RAS. Ekal Vidyalaya is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing education and means of development to almost-unreachable areas of rural India. The Ekal movement is the largest grassroots, non-government education movement in India, operating in over 52,000 schools and education over 1.4 million children and those numbers are constantly growing. While making great advances in technology, life sciences, and nuclear power, India is still struggling to assure basic educations and literacy for such a large, growing segment of its population. Ekal Vidyalaya focuses its primary education programs on rural and other underprivileged communities in India.

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